What Is An Emergency Medical Condition?

When you or a loved one gets in a car accident, the last thing anybody wants to worry about are the bills that come with it. Medical costs, loss of wages, and even funeral expenses are a burden on you and your family after an accident. Thankfully, if you are a Florida driver with a […]

What Is Personal Injury Protection?

Personal injury protection, or PIP for short, is an extension of your car insurance that is available in various states throughout America. Personal injury protection covers medical expenses as well as lost wages and other damages in some cases. Unlike car insurance, personal injury protection is also known as a no-fault coverage because it does […]

Can I Sue for Emotional Distress?

After an accident, the emotional damages encountered can be just as scarring as any physical injuries. Many individuals suffer from severe depression and anxiety after a traumatic event, and they find it difficult to go about their day-to-day life. If you have experienced emotional distress as a result of an accident, find out if you […]

Are Schools Liable For My Child’s Injury?

When your child is in school, you expect them to be safe and protected. You should feel assured they are in a safe learning environment, free from harm. So when your child comes home with an injury, it is natural to want someone to blame. It is the school’s job to not only educate your […]

Do I Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

When seeking treatment from a medical professional, no one expects to sustain a severe injury due to the fault of a doctor, nurse or other caregiver. While accidents happen, no one should suffer due to the fault of another. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries during a medical procedure, you may have […]

How Do I Form a Limited Liability Company?

Starting a new business is an exciting time. Seeing all you have worked for finally come to fruition is one of the most satisfying achievements in a business owner’s life. However, it is important to remember that with new ventures also comes a responsibility. Forming a company does not happen overnight. There is a lot […]

My Record Is Clean, So Why Is My Mugshot Still Online?

The simple days before Google and other search engines existed are long gone. Now, it is hard to do anything without some trace of it showing up on the Internet. But while a picture of you partying with your friends might embarrass you when it shows up on your Facebook feed, it will not tarnish […]

How Can an Attorney Help: Premises Liability

If you have been involved in a premises liability case, you may think you are able to appropriately represent yourself in or out of court. Not all premise liability cases are the same however, and if you choose to defend yourself, you could find yourself in a less-than-favorable situation. What is Premises Liability? When we […]