What to Do If My Child Is Injured at a Playground?

Minor cuts and bruises are a part of everyone’s childhood, but things can change quite a bit when serious injuries take place on another party’s property. Situations such as a child being injured on a playground often leave parents unsure of where to turn for help with medical bills and which party is responsible for […]

What Are the Different Business Ownership Structures?

Starting a business is the greatest accomplishment in many individuals’ lives. It is the moment when all of their hard work, dedication, and passion come together to create something amazing. However, with new accomplishments come new challenges. It is important that business owners understand which type of structure is best for them if they wish […]

What Is Restitution?

Consider this scenario: the defendant has stolen an expensive watch from an individual. The individual wants the watch back, but the defendant has already sold the watch and can no longer locate it. Since the court cannot order the defendant to return the stolen watch, the court instead orders the defendant to pay the the […]

The Importance of Having Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Being involved in an accident creates many problems for everyone, but those issues can get complicated when a motorist is driving without auto liability insurance protection. This can be especially true in Florida, as Florida state law does not require drivers to carry bodily injury protection for liability against injured passengers and motorists. This means […]