What to Do If a Contractor Does Not Complete the Job

Although most contractors complete the work they were hired to do in a timely fashion and without incident, there are unscrupulous individuals who will take money for a project and then never complete it. Each month, municipalities throughout Florida issue citations to unlicensed contractors, many of whom are guilty of not completing projects despite receiving […]

Sale of Faulty Medical Equipment: Fraud or Medical Malpractice?

If you were treated by a medical professional or organization who used equipment that did not deliver the promised results — or worse, aggravated your condition or suffering — you may be able to file a claim for reasonable compensation. However, one key question helps to define whether the case is one of fraud or […]

Five Facts About Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud is a criminal act that costs the federal health care program billions of dollars in false claims every year. It involves an individual or entity billing the program for medical services that the patient did not receive. This wasted money causes an increase in overall healthcare costs and taxes across the country. There […]

Safe Strategies for Driving in the Rain

Driving during bad weather, especially rainstorms, presents special challenges and requires additional precaution. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration, 46 percent of all weather-related accidents involve driving in the rain. For Floridians, driving in a downpour is a natural occurrence, but there are some strategies to make it less hazardous. Ensure […]

Injured in a Bus Accident: What Next?

The number of local, regional and specialized buses traveling along the roads and highways of Florida significantly increase the risk of an accident involving one of these large passenger vehicles. If you or someone you know has suffered physical harm in any type of accident involving such a vehicle, you will probably require financial compensation. […]

Five Fraud Scams You Need to Know

According to a 2014 Federal Trade Commission report, Florida leads the nation in fraud complaints with nearly 1,000 per 100,000 residents in the state. Some experts believe that the high number of retirees in the state, who are often more susceptible to scams than younger people, is the reason for the high fraud rates in […]

Can I Sue for Medical Product Liability?

Sometimes, medical products designed to improve the lives of patients who use them can cause injuries and even death. In some cases, the medical product may be used incorrectly, which can lead to death or injury. However, if the product was used properly and still causes injuries to patients, it is possible that the injured […]

What Is the “Move Over” Law?

A moving vehicle may cause severe injuries or death when it impacts with a pedestrian or parked vehicle. Move over laws were originally enacted to enhance emergency scene safety and to protect police officers or other emergency responders who are working on the side of roadways. Many states, including Florida, have move-over laws and a […]

Most Dangerous Tampa Intersections

The Tampa Bay Times released a report in December 2014, compiled from Pinellas and Hillsborough County statistics, related to accidents that occurred at intersections. In the report, five intersections stood out as some of the most dangerous in Tampa. The report also found that 58 percent of the reported traffic deaths involved pedestrians, bicyclists and […]

Know Your Rights: Paid Medical Studies

Clinical trials are used by researchers to investigate new treatments and have led to finding cures for many diseases. Pharmaceutical companies, the federal government, universities or other organizations working to cure conditions and diseases often run medical studies. In some cases, participants in the trials are paid by the organization that is conducting the research. […]

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