Can I Sue for a Sports Injury?

Practically everyone that lives an active lifestyle is going to have a sports-related injury at some point. We all hope that these injuries will be minor and our recovery will be speedy, but what happens to athletes that are seriously injured due to the actions of others? Here is a look at some of the […]

How Can You Prove Premise Liability?

Premises liability law usually involves an injury resulting from an unsafe or dangerous condition on real estate or any improvements on it. The owners can be held liable for injuries to others that occur on their property. Types of Premises Liability Cases Many assume that premise liability cases are limited to slip and falls, or […]

Things to Know About Business Entity Dissolution

Officially terminating a business in Florida is known as “dissolution,” and companies must follow dissolution procedures to limit their liability during and after the termination process. Dissolution can occur voluntarily, with an agreement of all those with an interest in the business, or involuntarily through a court order. In either event, anyone involved with the […]

Quick Facts About Breach of Contract

If you have entered into an agreement with someone, and that person has failed to perform their side of the agreement, then that person is in breach of contract. Individuals or businesses may go to court to enforce contracts that the other side has failed to fulfill. Below we discuss some facts about claims for […]

5 Florida Laws You Might Not Know

Every state has a few unusual laws in its statutes and municipal codes, and the Sunshine State is no exception. You may not be familiar with the following five laws, but they were passed by legislatures or municipal councils and enacted by higher offices. 1 – Chapter 826 on Bigamy All states have statutes that […]

Is Office Surveillance Equipment Legal?

Surveillance of employees is becoming increasingly more common as employers seek to control workplace behavior, ensure greater efficiency, prevent theft and protect employees. Still, Florida has some limitations on how far employers can go with employee surveillance. Employers Cannot Invade Privacy Surveillance equipment cannot record employees in areas where there is a reasonable expectation of […]

Texting While Driving: What You Need to Know

Texting while driving is distracted driving, and it is so dangerous that 46 states, including Florida, have banned texting while driving. Distracted driving causes accidents, leading to injuries and even death. In fact, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 3154 people were killed in distracted driving accidents in 2013. Texting While Driving Creates […]

Do I Need to Call the Police If I’ve Been in a Fender Bender?

After a minor accident, colloquially known as a fender bender, drivers often think they can keep things simple by not involving the police. They might just exchange insurance information or negotiate an informal settlement. While these arrangements can sometimes resolve the matter, police involvement will help protect drivers’ interests. When Should You Call the Police? […]

How the Volkswagen Emissions Violations Might Affect Drivers

The revelation that Volkswagen installed software on 11 million cars to cheat on government emissions tests will cost the company in terms of lost sales, a tarnished brand, fines and a bevy of lawsuits. The true impact on the owners of the affected cars, however, is less clear. Admission of Guilt VW has already admitted […]

What is the Florida Statute of Limitations for Breach of Contract?

Breach of contract disputes are subject to certain time limits within which the issue must be brought before the court. This time limit is known as the statute of limitations. If you fail to file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations, the case could get dismissed and you would be unable to enforce the […]

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