Things to Know About Business Entity Dissolution

Officially terminating a business in Florida is known as “dissolution,” and companies must follow dissolution procedures to limit their liability during and after the termination process. Dissolution can occur voluntarily, with an agreement of all those with an interest in the business, or involuntarily through a court order. In either event, anyone involved with the […]

Quick Facts About Breach of Contract

If you have entered into an agreement with someone, and that person has failed to perform their side of the agreement, then that person is in breach of contract. Individuals or businesses may go to court to enforce contracts that the other side has failed to fulfill. Below we discuss some facts about claims for […]

What is the Florida Statute of Limitations for Breach of Contract?

Breach of contract disputes are subject to certain time limits within which the issue must be brought before the court. This time limit is known as the statute of limitations. If you fail to file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations, the case could get dismissed and you would be unable to enforce the […]