What Is Bait and Switch?

  Bait and switch is a type of false advertising used to draw in unsuspecting customers. Other advertising tactics in this category include artificially inflated prices and deceptive form contracts. Advertisers “Bait” Consumers This fraudulent sales strategy involves a marketer advertising an attractive price, rate or term. The price, rate or term is actually a […]

Sale of Faulty Medical Equipment: Fraud or Medical Malpractice?

If you were treated by a medical professional or organization who used equipment that did not deliver the promised results — or worse, aggravated your condition or suffering — you may be able to file a claim for reasonable compensation. However, one key question helps to define whether the case is one of fraud or […]

What Is the “Move Over” Law?

A moving vehicle may cause severe injuries or death when it impacts with a pedestrian or parked vehicle. Move over laws were originally enacted to enhance emergency scene safety and to protect police officers or other emergency responders who are working on the side of roadways. Many states, including Florida, have move-over laws and a […]