The Complete Guide to What to Do After a Car Accident

Millions of car accidents take place every year, which is why all drivers should understand exactly what to do after a collision. This includes collecting information that could potentially be used during negotiations with insurance providers or a personal injury case. After a crash, all involved parties face a possible liability. Insurance companies, and sometimes […]

What to Know About Rental Venues and Personal Injury Claims

Planning an event can be rewarding and stressful. Hopefully, things will go well, and guests will show up and enjoy themselves. However, parties often involve alcohol, and merrymaking can turn dismal if an intoxicated guest injures themselves or another. Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere, including rented spaces, but who is responsible for the […]

Five Most Bizarre Personal Injury Cases

There are some accidents that nobody would ever expect to happen. These occurrences are so unordinary that they seem more like fiction than fact. Nevertheless, when bad things happen, regardless of how strange, the victims deserve a qualified personal injury lawyer. Here is a list of the five exceptionally bizarre, yet true, personal injury cases. […]

Injured in a Bus Accident: What Next?

The number of local, regional and specialized buses traveling along the roads and highways of Florida significantly increase the risk of an accident involving one of these large passenger vehicles. If you or someone you know has suffered physical harm in any type of accident involving such a vehicle, you will probably require financial compensation. […]

Most Dangerous Tampa Intersections

The Tampa Bay Times released a report in December 2014, compiled from Pinellas and Hillsborough County statistics, related to accidents that occurred at intersections. In the report, five intersections stood out as some of the most dangerous in Tampa. The report also found that 58 percent of the reported traffic deaths involved pedestrians, bicyclists and […]

Know Your Rights: Paid Medical Studies

Clinical trials are used by researchers to investigate new treatments and have led to finding cures for many diseases. Pharmaceutical companies, the federal government, universities or other organizations working to cure conditions and diseases often run medical studies. In some cases, participants in the trials are paid by the organization that is conducting the research. […]

Can I Sue for a Sports Injury?

Practically everyone that lives an active lifestyle is going to have a sports-related injury at some point. We all hope that these injuries will be minor and our recovery will be speedy, but what happens to athletes that are seriously injured due to the actions of others? Here is a look at some of the […]

How Can You Prove Premise Liability?

Premises liability law usually involves an injury resulting from an unsafe or dangerous condition on real estate or any improvements on it. The owners can be held liable for injuries to others that occur on their property. Types of Premises Liability Cases Many assume that premise liability cases are limited to slip and falls, or […]

Texting While Driving: What You Need to Know

Texting while driving is distracted driving, and it is so dangerous that 46 states, including Florida, have banned texting while driving. Distracted driving causes accidents, leading to injuries and even death. In fact, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 3154 people were killed in distracted driving accidents in 2013. Texting While Driving Creates […]

Do I Need to Call the Police If I’ve Been in a Fender Bender?

After a minor accident, colloquially known as a fender bender, drivers often think they can keep things simple by not involving the police. They might just exchange insurance information or negotiate an informal settlement. While these arrangements can sometimes resolve the matter, police involvement will help protect drivers’ interests. When Should You Call the Police? […]