How Can You Prove Premise Liability?

Premises liability law usually involves an injury resulting from an unsafe or dangerous condition on real estate or any improvements on it. The owners can be held liable for injuries to others that occur on their property. Types of Premises Liability Cases Many assume that premise liability cases are limited to slip and falls, or […]

What Is Wrongful Death?

In 2009, legendary musician Michael Jackson passed away from acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication after suffering from a cardiac arrest. Jackson’s death was eventually ruled a homicide after it was determined that his physician, Conrad Murray, administered the drugs in a negligent manner. Following homicide charges, Jackson’s father filed a lawsuit against Murray claiming his […]

Who Is Responsible For My Slip and Fall Accident?

When we visit a business, whether a restaurant, shopping mall or other commercial area, we do not anticipate sustaining injuries due to dangerous premises. Slip and fall accidents however occur frequently, and if you or a loved one is left injured due to the negligence of another, you could be entitled to compensation for your […]

How Can an Attorney Help: Premises Liability

If you have been involved in a premises liability case, you may think you are able to appropriately represent yourself in or out of court. Not all premise liability cases are the same however, and if you choose to defend yourself, you could find yourself in a less-than-favorable situation. What is Premises Liability? When we […]

Differences Between Premises Liability and Product Liability

Manufacturers, business owners and landlords have the legal obligation to provide the public with safe products and properties. Being injured due to the negligence of others may leave you facing large medical bills, emotional distress and loss of wages. Product and premises liability laws protect the rights of the injured and entitle you to compensation. […]