Five Product Liability Cases That Changed History

Consumers trust companies to provide the best quality products possible. However, sometimes businesses make faulty goods, and people can get hurt. Fortunately, for victims of defective items, the law does provide some safeguards. Filing a lawsuit may be the only means of getting redress. Although viewed by some as an extreme measure, a lawsuit can […]

Can I Sue for Medical Product Liability?

Sometimes, medical products designed to improve the lives of patients who use them can cause injuries and even death. In some cases, the medical product may be used incorrectly, which can lead to death or injury. However, if the product was used properly and still causes injuries to patients, it is possible that the injured […]

How the Volkswagen Emissions Violations Might Affect Drivers

The revelation that Volkswagen installed software on 11 million cars to cheat on government emissions tests will cost the company in terms of lost sales, a tarnished brand, fines and a bevy of lawsuits. The true impact on the owners of the affected cars, however, is less clear. Admission of Guilt VW has already admitted […]

Recent Product Recalls You Might Not Know About

Faulty products at home, in the garage, or at the office can lead to serious injuries and unpredictable personal damages. Manufacturers must attempt to recall faulty products as soon as possible to limit owner or consumer damage. Here are some recent product recalls you might not know about: Car Airbags Takata added more makes and […]

How Do I Know If a Product Is Being Recalled?

A recall is an action taken by the government or a manufacturer when a product could pose a health or safety problem to the public. The recall may require that the item be removed from the market or a consumer may be able to replace the item with a newer model without the defect. In […]

Can I Sue For Food Poisoning?

Food poisoning can occur in any type of restaurant or food distribution center. It is most often the result of mishandling foods, either by improper storage or sanitary issues. Food poisoning can cause serious health related issues and, in some cases, death.   Food Poisoning and Product Liability Under Florida law, food poisoning is usually […]

J&J May Pay Millions to Settle Hip Claims

Following a $2.5 billion settlement over faulty hip implants, manufacturer Johnson & Johnson may have to pay an additional $250 million or more to settle product liability lawsuits not included in the original case. The Hip Implant Recall The hip implants, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy unit, were recalled in August of 2010. The […]

What Is a Product Recall?

All manufacturers are responsible for providing safe products to the public. The government works with manufacturers to ensure high quality and safety by setting safety standards that all products must meet. If somehow a product makes it to the market without meeting the standards, then the manufacturer or government may recall it. How Does a […]

Definition of the Week: Product Liability

When you make a purchase, whether a car or a child’s toy, you expect the product to be free of defects and safe for use. Companies are responsible for making sure that the products they sell are safe. If a product is deemed defective or unsafe and is considered to be dangerous if used, it […]

Differences Between Premises Liability and Product Liability

Manufacturers, business owners and landlords have the legal obligation to provide the public with safe products and properties. Being injured due to the negligence of others may leave you facing large medical bills, emotional distress and loss of wages. Product and premises liability laws protect the rights of the injured and entitle you to compensation. […]